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Here at Mission Stylehouse, we talk a lot about just that....Mission. Maybe it's not something you've given much thought. Or...maybe you're wondering what that has to do with hair and makeup.  After working in the beauty industry for over six years, our founder, Michelle McMillan began to see how incredibly misleading the beauty industry can be. She's worked with clients that she thought were the most flawless humans alive, yet they didn't see it that way. In fact, those same clients wanted to look like someone else. That's when she realized that in order to feel beautiful, you needn't look like anyone but yourself. We want to help on that journey to loving the way you look, and in turn feeling beautiful about you. 

Our MISSION is to help women to celebrate themselves, feel empowered, look beautiful and become the absolute best version of themselves. In growing the Mission Stylehouse team, we are blessed to use our "Gifts to Glam" as a way to help women accomplish their own personal MISSION for the day, week, month or year.  Whether you'll be starring in a music video, doing a keynote speech in front of thousands, becoming a beautiful bride, or simply deciding to take time to celebrate yourself - we'd love to be a part of the journey.